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Stripping basket is a very handy tool when fly fishing from a boat or even from the shoreline. Last fishing trip was a pain in the ass because my fly line was tangling in various places, boat throttle handle, boat chair, wheel, my own feet, fishing buddy’s neck,  buddy’s feet, whatever….

So I decided to try and make a stripping basket by myself. Of course this is not as good or professional as ready made ones are but I think it will do the job.


– Plastic basket from your local market:  1.95 euros

– Zip ties:  2.5 mm width, 145mm length: few euros

– 3 mm plastic tubing: 5.10 euros

– Bug-Bond: You should already have it 🙂 If not, any elastic glue should do the job.


– Knife

– Scissors or line cutters

First I marked the spots for the spokes with a marker. Then I cut a small hole with a knife for the zip ties.

Put the zip tie through the holes so that the locking end is on the bottom side of the basket

Next add Bug-Bond and push the zip tie all the way. Cure it with the UV light.

Next put all zip ties through the 3 mm plastic tubes and glue them to the basket bottom with a Bug-Bond. Last step is to add some Bug-Bond to the end of the tubings.

Add a wading belt or similar. Finished product.

Total price of the basket is approx. 10 euros. Quite cheap I would say 🙂 I hope it works. It will be tested soon.

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