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First I have to apologise the radio silence in Nordic Angler Blog. I was on holiday whole july and I had very little time to update the blog. I’m sorry !

Annual trip to Finnmark was cold, wet, windy and we had few nice salmons. The count was not like we have used to have but the fish size was larger. This time we decided to start the trip three weeks earlier than usually and it was a good decision.

Photo by V-M Uski

Over the hills and there it is…

Photo by K.Kemppainen


Weather could have been better. Most of the time tempretature was 6-10 celcius and it rained quite often. It was essential to have good tents, jackets, etc.

Four guys landed 10 kg, 8 kg, 5.5 kg, 5 kg , 4 kg and one 2 kg. Additon to these my friends got two sea run chars which tasted awesome.

My friends 10 kg salmon. It was a tense fight with a #6 weight single hand rod. Congratulations V-M !

My 8 kg salmon. I landed it with Vision Cult #8 weight / 9 ft single hand rod.

5 kg salmon. This poor fellow was fried and eaten by four of us. Very good dinner !

Photo by K.Kemppainen

Photo by K.Kemppainen

Another salmon landed by my friend. This one was 5.5 kg

My friend got a 4 kg. This pool seemed to be packed with fish.

The trip was awesome and I can’t wait to get there again next year. What river is it? It is a secret 🙂

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Today I had a chance to test my friends Vision’s 6 piece salmon rods, Vision SIKS #7 / 13’4″ length and Vision SIKS #10 / 15’2″ length. First impression was that both rods are quite soft full-action rods but after some testing I really liked both rods. Currently I have Guideline LPXE #10 / 14′ length four piece rod which is more faster action rod.

First I tested the shorter #7 / 13’4″ length rod which was very light and easy to cast. It should be very handy for light salmon fishing and when casting smaller flies. Maybe not for me after all since I like stronger and heavier rods.

Next I tested the 10# weight 15’2″ length cannon. Rod is very powerful but still not too fast. Like Vision says on their product pages…

Action-wise they are situated somewhere between the highly popular Cult and GT4 Catapult series. With the Cult being more full- and the GT4 Catapult series clearly faster action rods we feel that we have now the Royal flush in our hands when it comes to double hand rods.

I tested the rod with my Guideline DCC connect 10# floating line and it felt a bit too light for the rod. Maybe #11 weight DCC connect would be better. If I remember correctly my DCC connect weight is 40 grams. Vision recommends 34-40g. Definitely this needs more testing.

What I really like about this rod is that it is 6 piece rod. Overall length of the #10 weight rod tube is 83 cm so the rod tube fits into large travel/luggage bag so you don’t have to worry your rod getting smashed during your flights to your favourite fishing destinations.


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Finally the fishing season 2012 is open. Finally I had some time to launch my boat this week and the next day it was fishing time !

This week I also got my new pike fly rod Vision Venus SWS #9 / 9 ft. I decided to get Vision Venus rod because my fishing buddy recommended it and he praised it a lot. Of course you trust you buddy and I decided to get one. The most interesting part on the rod is the D-shape handle. It feels very good when you are casting a lot during the day. At first I was a bit suspicious about the handle but after some tests it feels very suitable for fly rods. Quite innovative I would say. The rod is very powerful and I like it a lot. It is very suitable for pike fishing.

My setup at the moment is Vision Venus SWS line #9 and 9 ft long. I use Vision Big Daddy fly lines mostly because the line head is quite short so it is easy to cast. Belly is only 8.5 meters long which makes casting very easy from a boat or a float tube. As a reel I use my old Vision Koma but when fishing pike it is pretty much the same what reel you use. It is only used as a line storage and it is not used for fighting the fish.

At this time of the year it is pike spawning time here in the southern Finland coast and this time all the fish were in shallow water. We noticed lots of pikes hanging around in 0.5 m deep water. Fortunately we managed to catch some pike too. The best color combination was black/red/pink combinations.


My buddy landed 95 cm big momma and I managed to land 5 kg fish ( ? cm). Nice evening out in the sea.

95 cm of pure wrath


5 kg of evil. Nice hat?


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Fishing season is just around the corner and all the snow is starting to melt slowly. Hopefully we will have open water within next 4-6 weeks. Yesterday I had a chance to get first impressions of few new fly rods. There is a GoExpo fair in Helsinki fair centre this weekend and I was visiting the fair with my fly fishing buddies. I checked couple major fly rod brand rods. Here is a short review of those rods.

Vision SIKS

Vision announced new six piece double hand rod for season 2012. They have two models available; 13’4″ long / #7 line and 15’2″ long / #10 line rods. I’m especially interested in this rod because the rod is 6 piece rod. Six piece salmon rod very handy when travelling because of the lenght of the tube is shorter than other brand rods.

SIKS rods have a powerful and deep action making them great all round rods. Action-wise they are situated somewhere between the highly popular Cult and GT4 Catapult series. With the Cult being more full- and the GT4 Catapult series clearly faster action rods we feel that we have now the Royal flush in our hands when it comes to double hand rods. These 15’2” (#10) and 13’4”(#7) jewels of rods can be argued to be even better than any comparable 3- or 4-piece DH rods in the same action and line class.

Overall look was quite impressive and the rod is clearly made of top quality components. Unfortunately I did not test cast the rod. I was wiggling it around and I tried to have some impression of the action. I’m not used to 15 ft rods so the longer model felt a bit strange to handle. On the other hand the shorter 13’4″ rod was much better but the line weight is #7 which is maybe too light for salmon fishing in my opinion. Overall feeling was very good and the action was quite good for me. I like medium or medium-fast rods because of the smoother feeling. Definitely I will need to test cast the rod during the spring time. Vision SIKS pricing is on the upper section of the usual “budget” and the price is around 645 EUR.

You can find information of the Vision SIKS rod here

Snowbee Diamond Spey

Other interesting rod was Snowbee Diamond Spey rod. Snowbee rods are new to me and I did not have any idea what kind of rods Snowbee has and how they feel. Snowbee has four Diamond Spey rod models available; 12’6″ / #7-8, 13′ / #8-9, 14′ / #9-10 and 15′ / #10-11. All rods are 4 piece rods. I had a chance to test 13′ / #8-9 rod and it felt very good. Action was perfect for my style and the over all feeling was great. I tested the rod with some test fly line and it did not feel the perfect choice for the rod but with proper fly line the rod will be great ! At least in my opinion 🙂 I’m not spey GURU and my casting skills are moderate but who cares. It is just my opinion! 🙂 Pricing seems to be quite reasonable as well, in the Snowbee UK online retail shop pricing is between £229 – £299 depending on the rod wight. Tested rod is £259 which is approx. 300 EUR. Oweall feeling was great and this rod needs some serious testing this spring as well.

Designated with our ‘Optimum Head Weight’ (OHW) in grams, reflecting the ideal loading point of the rod….the sweet spot. For a perfectly balanced outfit, match the Diamond Spey to a specific ‘Head weight’ from our range of Snowbee 3-D ‘Spey’ and ‘Scandinavian 
Spey’ lines. 
  • Top grade graphite blanks 
  • Portuguese cork handles 
  • Quality cotton drill rod bags 
  • Polyester Oxford rod tubes 
  • 4-pce blanks 
  • Snowbee Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee


Spring time will be exciting to see which rod I will choose 🙂

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…and here is the answer. Swedish boys made a video about Skagit casting and also they are giving some information about couple new Vision products for year 2012.


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