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I guess we are not going to fish within next couple of days….or what do you think?

Nothing to worry. Now it is time to concentrate on other hobbies like snow enduro racing and…

…tasting some good scotch (sorry, its only 10 years old scotch) ;)….

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Today I bumped into very nice blog by Mikhail Skopets. He is a biologist living in Khabarovsk Russia far east. In Russia Far East there are lots of untouched wilderness and rivers. It must be a privlege to be able to fish there. Take a good look into Flyfishing Russia blog.

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I decided to do a second quick post for today. I just bumbed into this funny, not very common style music video from OK Go band. Surely it is not similar music video like other bands have 🙂

Check it out…

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Last summer my friend recommended new fishing technique when we were fishing one very nice fishing spot in Southern Finland. Typically best way to catch some fish there is to use nymphs and pupas. The best fishing time is during night time and I have always had some difficulties to track the fishing line or leader to see the fish strike. During night time it has been nearly impossible for me because of my poor night vision. My friend recommended using Thingamabobber as a strike indicator. So I did try them and I managed to get some few nice trouts 🙂

Thingamabobbers are small round plastic “balloons” which float very well and they seem to be very durable. They are attached to the fly leader by putting a small loop through the eye and placing it over the ball.

There are several colors available and I found yellow or light pink was the best color during night time fishing. It was pretty easy to cast as well. I had 10 ft / #7 line weight fly rod and I did not have any problems casting.

I found a review from Montana Test.com in case you might be interested.

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