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Text, photos and fly by Mika Oraluoma

Atlantic halibut is a big and ferocious fish which eats everything from sandeels to saithe. A guide I have been fishing with told me that one of the best jigs he has is a combination of Glow-In-The-Dark and pink with some glitter on it. Pretty basic stuff right? But there´s just one more thing.. The jigs are over 30 cm long! So the problem was to find long enough material for the flies in Glow-In-The-Dark-color. Congo hair has proven itself to be a very suitable material for this kind of flies. It´s long, soft and even if you build a big fly with a fat profile the fly is still relatively easy to cast! There are some things you should focus on while tying big flies from this material:

  • If you´re tying flies over 20 cm long, mix some stiffer material like Slinky Fibre to Congo Hair.
  • Add generous amount of superglue to the point you have secured the Congo Hair on and also a bit to the fibers too. Then before the glue is dry lift the fibers up and around the hook to create a big profile with less material!
  • Remember to start with the longest fibers, and gradually shorten the fibers as you work towards the head. This is the key to achieving a good profile!

Hook: Owner SSW 7/0
Wing: Glow-In-The-Dark Congo Hair and white Slinky Fibre + some flash.
Back: Light pink and bright pink Congo Hair, pink Steve Farrar’s Flash Blend
Throat: Copper Angel Flash
Eyes: ½” Big 3D Epoxy eyes
Head: Epoxy glue or UV-Glue

Halibut fly in action. Swedish fishing guide Per Jonasson from Fish4U is fighting with the fish.

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