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I found this lovely video from Youtube and I thought I’d share it. This wonderful video is from Kuusamo predator center and it is showing some daily life of a bear called “Juuso”.  Kuusamo predator center is located in eastern Finland near Russian border and they have couple of predators at the center such as lynx, bears, fox and volverines. They have filmed few nice videos of Juuso’s  life at the predator center. In this video Juuso is preparing to hibernate and the video is showing Juuso’s place for the winter.

Unfortunately these guys are talking in Finnish language but I think you can get the idea anyway 🙂 Please check other videos from “Bear TV”


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…and here is the answer. Swedish boys made a video about Skagit casting and also they are giving some information about couple new Vision products for year 2012.


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Latest issue of Scale Magazine is out. Very nice new issue with lots of reading.

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