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Finally the fishing season 2012 is open. Finally I had some time to launch my boat this week and the next day it was fishing time !

This week I also got my new pike fly rod Vision Venus SWS #9 / 9 ft. I decided to get Vision Venus rod because my fishing buddy recommended it and he praised it a lot. Of course you trust you buddy and I decided to get one. The most interesting part on the rod is the D-shape handle. It feels very good when you are casting a lot during the day. At first I was a bit suspicious about the handle but after some tests it feels very suitable for fly rods. Quite innovative I would say. The rod is very powerful and I like it a lot. It is very suitable for pike fishing.

My setup at the moment is Vision Venus SWS line #9 and 9 ft long. I use Vision Big Daddy fly lines mostly because the line head is quite short so it is easy to cast. Belly is only 8.5 meters long which makes casting very easy from a boat or a float tube. As a reel I use my old Vision Koma but when fishing pike it is pretty much the same what reel you use. It is only used as a line storage and it is not used for fighting the fish.

At this time of the year it is pike spawning time here in the southern Finland coast and this time all the fish were in shallow water. We noticed lots of pikes hanging around in 0.5 m deep water. Fortunately we managed to catch some pike too. The best color combination was black/red/pink combinations.


My buddy landed 95 cm big momma and I managed to land 5 kg fish ( ? cm). Nice evening out in the sea.

95 cm of pure wrath


5 kg of evil. Nice hat?


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Last sunday I visited the annual Finnish Fly Fishing Fair with my fishing buddy. I noticed that Pirkanmaan Perhokalastajat had a water flow device available for testing various flies in different current conditions.  The device is very very cool and every fly tier should have one in the basement/garage. Basic idea of the device is that you can test your flies in the current. The device creates a water flow which is circulating around the rectangle shaped box. You can adjust the water flow speed with valves. I made this quick and dirty video to show how zonker winged and hair winged salmon tubes are swimming in the current. The videos were filmed with mobile phone so video quality is not the best.

I have had some suspicions  that zonker winged tubes are not suitable for the job but after these tests I definitely need to tie few zonkers for this season salmon fishing trips. Zonker winged tubes seems to be very lively in the water.

I hope you find this video helpful.


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Last fishing season I used Craft Fur Deceiver flies a lot when I was fishing pike. I got fed up with the casting charasteristics of the CFD flies and I decided to tie brand new flies for upcoming fishing season.

CFD’s are very good flies but the down side of them is that they absorb too much water. When the fly is wet it is very heavy because it is soaked with water. Synthetic fibres such as Body Fibre, Slinky Fibre, Flash N Slinky, etc. are totally different since they don’t soak. It is so much easier to cast big pike fly when it is lighter and it dries after one or two casts.

Today I tied one yellow-orange-red pike fly and here it is.


Hook: Sakuma Manta 540 size 5/0

Wing: Yellow Flash N Slinky, Orange Body Fibre and Red Flash N Slinky

Head: Bug-Bond

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