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Today I decided to try a new material with caddis pupas. It is suede like flat yarn which you can use with pupas. It is very easy to use and you can use it like chenille yarn. So far I have used Wapsi’s Ultra Chenille with caddis pupas but I think after this experiment it is time to start using Supa Suede. The body of the pupa looks realistic when using Supa Suede. Here is one result of my experiments…..and as always, very easy to tie 🙂

Hook is Kamasan B100 size #10. Body is light olive Supa Suede. Back is dark brown turkey tail herls. Thorax is Wapsi’s squirrel dubbing which is the best dubbing available ! 🙂 Feelers are ringneck pheasants tail herls.  Also a one twist of partridge feather as a touch up.

Here you can find full image of the fly.



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Last summer my friend recommended new fishing technique when we were fishing one very nice fishing spot in Southern Finland. Typically best way to catch some fish there is to use nymphs and pupas. The best fishing time is during night time and I have always had some difficulties to track the fishing line or leader to see the fish strike. During night time it has been nearly impossible for me because of my poor night vision. My friend recommended using Thingamabobber as a strike indicator. So I did try them and I managed to get some few nice trouts 🙂

Thingamabobbers are small round plastic “balloons” which float very well and they seem to be very durable. They are attached to the fly leader by putting a small loop through the eye and placing it over the ball.

There are several colors available and I found yellow or light pink was the best color during night time fishing. It was pretty easy to cast as well. I had 10 ft / #7 line weight fly rod and I did not have any problems casting.

I found a review from Montana Test.com in case you might be interested.

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Yesterday I started thinking what might be the simplest fly I have used in fly fishing during recent years. Ladies and gentlemen, there it is !

Chenille pupa a.k.a. Caddis Pupa a.k.a. Rhyacophila Pupa

The fly is ridiculously easy is to tie and it is very effective. When other flies are not working and you have a feeling that fish are eating Caddis pupas, then it is time to take this fly to the battle grounds. Specifically when there is a caddis hatching going on.

Pattern is simple:

Hook: size 14, preferably strong wire

Rear body: Ultra chenille, slightly burned on the tip and painted with green permament marker on the top

Thorax: dark brown dubbing, I use hare dubbing but you can use whatever you  have 🙂

Back: Dark brown poly yarn or similar material

Antennas,tentacles,horns: Pheasant tail

After it is finished you need to use your dubbing brush to get those dubbings more fluffy. That’s it! Very easy and takes max. 5mins to complete…

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