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Fishing in Bali

Fishing in Finland is pretty much on hold until spring when Baltic Sea is clear from ice again. At the moment temperature is only -5 celcius but few days back it was -30 celcius so it was pretty cold here. Actually it did not bother me a bit since I was all the way around the globe at Bali island in Indonesia 🙂 Temperature there was approx +30 celcius all week.

I was visiting Bali for nine days with my wife since it was our honeymoon trip (we had our wedding last autumn). I was lucky enough to get a permit from the “government” to go fishing for one whole day.

I started planning the fishing basically on December 2011 and I started to google some information about fishing in Bali area. Fly fishing was out of the question since all reports stated that you need to bring your own gear if you like to do fly fishing. One good source for information was GT popping.com forum area. Excellent source for information is Mark Harris blog “Bali Sport Fishing” too. My plan was to try GT popping for the first time ever so I read pretty much every post regarding GT popping in Bali.

Main fishing charter operators in Bali are Xplore-Charters and ENA Fishing. I sent an e-mail to Xplore Charters and after few e-mails I booked full day trip with them. The actual fishing operator in my case was actually ENA Fishing. I guess Xplore Charters has some co-operation with ENA Fishing and they forwarded my booking to them. I had Sea Angel with its crew in use and I had a fishing guide as well. Fishing guide was very professional and he knew what he was doing. Although he did not speak english very good and I found it a bit frustrating.

ENA Fishing Sea Angel

The plan was to go to fishing around Nusa Penida island area. All waters close to Bali are pretty much fished clean because there are lots of local fishing around the Bali island. Nusa Penida island is the small island located on the east side of Bali, approx 30 km from Bali. Boat trip to Nusa Penida took approx. 45 minutes.

Fishing guide and deck hand

When we arrived to Nusa Penida island’s south area I noticed there is quite big current and waves hitting the fishing grounds from south. I knew this would cause me some trouble because I’m not used to big swells although I have a boat in Finland too 🙂 It was quite rediculous trying to stand and to keep balance when the current and waves rocks the boat. We were quite close to the rocks which caused some turbulent waters.

Nusa Penida south end

Nusa Penida south end

Here is a good video showing the sea conditions existing Nusa Penida fishing areas.




We were fishing the area for some time with some other boat but unfortunately we did not catch any GT’s. After a while we decided to change to trolling. Fishing guide rigged total of four rods with lures which were actually tube flies tied with some flash and synthetic materials.

Trolling fly


After a while we hit nice spot where we managed to catch several Skipjack tunas.  I took two fish for our dinner. Hotel chef prepared very good dinner. The “government” was very happy too 🙂

Overall I was very satisfied with the trip and the best thing was that we managed to catch some fish too. If you have some questions about fishing in Bali please send me an e-mail and I will try to answer to your questions. Also please check Mark Harris blog “Bali Sport Fishing” too.

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