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This fellow was a nice suprise. Usually there are lots of smaller pikes biting the fly when fishing pike on mid-summer here in Finland. Sometimes you get lucky. This was nice approx. 5 kg pike with lots of energy due to warm water (+22 c).






Pictures by Pasi Pekonen

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Last year we had quite different ice conditions at the Baltic Sea. We were pike fly fishing on 18th of April with success. This year unfortunately it does not look like we will be fishing within couple of weeks as we still have ice. Below picture shows very well where we stand. Hopefully we can start soaking our fishing lines and lures within 2-3 weeks. This winter have been exceptional.

Someone please remove the ice !

Local small boat harbour

Local small boat harbour

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Cold Reeds

It has been a while since last blog post. Fishing season is pretty much iced up here in Finland so it is time to spend some time with other things like watching fishing videos.

Here is one nice teaser by Mikko Kytökorpi.

I’m looking forward of seeing this full length video soon!

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So far our pike fly fishing season have started quite slow but now it seems that it is getting started. Finally! It seems that fish are migrating to shallower water as the water temperature gets lower. Now the water temperature is down to 7-8 celcius. Also weather conditions have been varying a lot. If it is not 13 m/s wind and raining it is totally calm sea and bright sunny weather. Althoug it was calm day and quite bright we managed to land couple nice pikes.

Nice 4 kg pike

Nice 7.5 kg pike

We managed to land few smaller ones from 1 kg to 2 kg. All fish were C & R. We used Sakuma Manta 540 size 5/0 hooks.

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I have been using Sakuma Manta’s for a while now in pike fishing and I realised that Partridge Predator X hooks looks a lot the same as Sakuma’s. I decided to compare the hooks and here is the result

Sakuma Manta 540 size 5/0 matches 100% with the Partridge Predator X size 4/0.

Only difference is the wire gauge. Partridge Predator X has a bit heavier wire.

Sakuma has another Manta hook model 545 Extra Manta which has heavier wire as well. I bet that the Sakuma Manta 545 Extra is 100% same hook as Partridge Predator X.

What’s the point in this? Sakuma is cheaper 🙂

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Stripping basket is a very handy tool when fly fishing from a boat or even from the shoreline. Last fishing trip was a pain in the ass because my fly line was tangling in various places, boat throttle handle, boat chair, wheel, my own feet, fishing buddy’s neck,  buddy’s feet, whatever….

So I decided to try and make a stripping basket by myself. Of course this is not as good or professional as ready made ones are but I think it will do the job.


– Plastic basket from your local market:  1.95 euros

– Zip ties:  2.5 mm width, 145mm length: few euros

– 3 mm plastic tubing: 5.10 euros

– Bug-Bond: You should already have it 🙂 If not, any elastic glue should do the job.


– Knife

– Scissors or line cutters

First I marked the spots for the spokes with a marker. Then I cut a small hole with a knife for the zip ties.

Put the zip tie through the holes so that the locking end is on the bottom side of the basket

Next add Bug-Bond and push the zip tie all the way. Cure it with the UV light.

Next put all zip ties through the 3 mm plastic tubes and glue them to the basket bottom with a Bug-Bond. Last step is to add some Bug-Bond to the end of the tubings.

Add a wading belt or similar. Finished product.

Total price of the basket is approx. 10 euros. Quite cheap I would say 🙂 I hope it works. It will be tested soon.

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Finally the fishing season 2012 is open. Finally I had some time to launch my boat this week and the next day it was fishing time !

This week I also got my new pike fly rod Vision Venus SWS #9 / 9 ft. I decided to get Vision Venus rod because my fishing buddy recommended it and he praised it a lot. Of course you trust you buddy and I decided to get one. The most interesting part on the rod is the D-shape handle. It feels very good when you are casting a lot during the day. At first I was a bit suspicious about the handle but after some tests it feels very suitable for fly rods. Quite innovative I would say. The rod is very powerful and I like it a lot. It is very suitable for pike fishing.

My setup at the moment is Vision Venus SWS line #9 and 9 ft long. I use Vision Big Daddy fly lines mostly because the line head is quite short so it is easy to cast. Belly is only 8.5 meters long which makes casting very easy from a boat or a float tube. As a reel I use my old Vision Koma but when fishing pike it is pretty much the same what reel you use. It is only used as a line storage and it is not used for fighting the fish.

At this time of the year it is pike spawning time here in the southern Finland coast and this time all the fish were in shallow water. We noticed lots of pikes hanging around in 0.5 m deep water. Fortunately we managed to catch some pike too. The best color combination was black/red/pink combinations.


My buddy landed 95 cm big momma and I managed to land 5 kg fish ( ? cm). Nice evening out in the sea.

95 cm of pure wrath


5 kg of evil. Nice hat?


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Last fishing season I used Craft Fur Deceiver flies a lot when I was fishing pike. I got fed up with the casting charasteristics of the CFD flies and I decided to tie brand new flies for upcoming fishing season.

CFD’s are very good flies but the down side of them is that they absorb too much water. When the fly is wet it is very heavy because it is soaked with water. Synthetic fibres such as Body Fibre, Slinky Fibre, Flash N Slinky, etc. are totally different since they don’t soak. It is so much easier to cast big pike fly when it is lighter and it dries after one or two casts.

Today I tied one yellow-orange-red pike fly and here it is.


Hook: Sakuma Manta 540 size 5/0

Wing: Yellow Flash N Slinky, Orange Body Fibre and Red Flash N Slinky

Head: Bug-Bond

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Today I decided to test some new materials for pike flies. It is time to tie some flies for upcoming pike season. I have used two new materials on this yellow and red ultimate pike teaser fly. On the tails section I used some gradient coloured fibre.

On the top wing I have used material called Nordic Pike Fibre. Nordic Pike Fibre is quite asy to tie and it gives slick look on the fly. Fibre is quite straight and not curly like Body Fibre and Slinky Fibre.

On the head I have used Bug-Bond with 3D eyes to give some realistic feel.


Hook: Sakuma Manta 540 size 3/0

Tail: Gradient coloured fibre

Wing: Nordic Pike Fibre

Head: Bug-Bond with eyes

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First time is a charm as they say. Today was my “cherry popping” day because so far I have not tied pike flies on a tube. Until now I have tied my pike flies on a hook, usually TMC911S or similar wide gape “anchor”. It is good to try some new ways to do things from time to time.

Last week I was at our local fly fishing clubs club room to see Lauri Selenius presentation about floating tube pike fishing. After the presentation he tied some pike tubes. I got the inspiration to try tube flyes from him. The biggest advantage with tube flies is that the hook is exchangeable. If your hook gets busted you just need change the single or treble hook and thats it. Also if the hook gets bend you can change it. Basically the fly itself does not get busted so often when you are using synthetics.

So here is my version of the pike tube fly. I have used red Flash N Slinky and black Body Fibre. Tube is a rigid plastic tube, Large size. I have used some epoxy 3D eyes and the fly head is shaped with a Bug-Bond UV resin.

As usual, the pike tube is very simple and quite fast to tie. I don’t want to use too much time with fly tying. “Keep it simple stupid” works for me 🙂

Plastic tube on the vise. I have melted a small collar to the tube.

I put some lead wire on the body to put some weight on the fly. Fixed with a layer of Bug-Bond.

First Flash N Slinky clump. I have tied the clump so that 1/3 of fibre lenth is on the left side and 2/3 on the right side. After attaching the hair bundle turn the right side clump backwards. Make sure that the tube is covered with the hair all around.

Tie few (two or three) hair bundles on the tube and lastly tie the black Body Fibre.

Finally the fly is ready for some Bug-Bond and 3D eyes.

Finished fly

I hope you like it and now it is time to go and test it!

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