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First I have to apologise the radio silence in Nordic Angler Blog. I was on holiday whole july and I had very little time to update the blog. I’m sorry !

Annual trip to Finnmark was cold, wet, windy and we had few nice salmons. The count was not like we have used to have but the fish size was larger. This time we decided to start the trip three weeks earlier than usually and it was a good decision.

Photo by V-M Uski

Over the hills and there it is…

Photo by K.Kemppainen


Weather could have been better. Most of the time tempretature was 6-10 celcius and it rained quite often. It was essential to have good tents, jackets, etc.

Four guys landed 10 kg, 8 kg, 5.5 kg, 5 kg , 4 kg and one 2 kg. Additon to these my friends got two sea run chars which tasted awesome.

My friends 10 kg salmon. It was a tense fight with a #6 weight single hand rod. Congratulations V-M !

My 8 kg salmon. I landed it with Vision Cult #8 weight / 9 ft single hand rod.

5 kg salmon. This poor fellow was fried and eaten by four of us. Very good dinner !

Photo by K.Kemppainen

Photo by K.Kemppainen

Another salmon landed by my friend. This one was 5.5 kg

My friend got a 4 kg. This pool seemed to be packed with fish.

The trip was awesome and I can’t wait to get there again next year. What river is it? It is a secret 🙂

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