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It has been at least five years since last time I was fishing at Huopanankoski. This time fishing were a bit challenging as water temperature was close to 24 celcius which is too high for trouts. Water level was relatively OK, maybe too low for successful fishing. Maximum capacity for the whole area is 12 fishermen and the rapids were at full capacity on both days we fished there. In my opinion 12 fishermen licence quota is too high for that place.

Althoug against all odds I managed to land two 40 cm trouts. One of them was in a very bad shape due to the heavy fishing pressure on the area as he was hooked many times. Other one was in very good shape and he fought fiercely. I managed to hook four more but they were released prematurely. One of them was a big one, of course.

Few pics….

Picture 003



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This is a video from Jazz & Flyfishing’sYoutube channel. These guys have a jazz band and they have a very nice hobby…

It is very nice that there is still some space left for trouts in urban environments.

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