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Blue White Pike Tube

Blue white is one of the basic pike fly colours. I decided to tie couple of BlueWhites for upcoming pike fly fishing trips. Winter is lurking around the corner so pike fly fishing with a float tube -season is almost over. Hopefully sea does not ice up soon so we can continue our fishing for couple of weeks.

Here is one of the Blue Whites.

I have tied the fly on a rigid plastic tube. I have used Body Fibre with a twist of flash on the wing and Bug-Bond on the head. I have also added silver eyes for creating a realistic look.

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Today I decided to try a new material with caddis pupas. It is suede like flat yarn which you can use with pupas. It is very easy to use and you can use it like chenille yarn. So far I have used Wapsi’s Ultra Chenille with caddis pupas but I think after this experiment it is time to start using Supa Suede. The body of the pupa looks realistic when using Supa Suede. Here is one result of my experiments…..and as always, very easy to tie 🙂

Hook is Kamasan B100 size #10. Body is light olive Supa Suede. Back is dark brown turkey tail herls. Thorax is Wapsi’s squirrel dubbing which is the best dubbing available ! 🙂 Feelers are ringneck pheasants tail herls.  Also a one twist of partridge feather as a touch up.

Here you can find full image of the fly.



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Newest issue of the Chatch Magazine is out. Absolutely stunning pictures and videos again. I especially love the “Amirante Tails” video.

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