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Today was official fishing season opening day for me. I was planning to go and try to catch some whitefish since it is the best time of the year to catch them. Whitefish fishing in the spring time is basically “coarse fishing” with a worm bait and spinning rod. Whitefish season starts just after the ice melts on the shores. Whitefish tend to come close to the shore when they are feeding with Red-gilled mud worms (Marenzelleria viridis) and that time is the best time to catch them.

Basically the best substitute for red-gilled mudworm is normal “earth worm” (Lumbricus terrestris).

Fishing itself is just waiting for a catch and enjoying the sunny weather.  Whitefish fishing is quite popular so very often best places are occupied by other fishermen.

Whitefish season lasts few weeks until the water temperature is too high and whitefish goes back to deeper waters.

When waiting for a catch there is some spare time to try some sea trout as well. Sea trouts are coming after the same red-gilled mud worms and small bait fish in spring time. Sea trout population here in Finland is not in very good shape but few sea trouts are catched every year on these same shores.

Usually I fish with a bombette/bombarda float and a fly.

Now it is just waiting to get my boat on the water.  It shouldn’t take more than three weeks now…lets keep fingers crossed and lets hope for some warm weathers since almost all docks are still in ice.

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