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Lures for summer

I have started to buy few of these “jigs” for summer fishing. I will call them jigs as in english language there is no word for these. These lures are generally used when ice fishing and they are loosely translated “level pilk’s”

Here is a video demonstrating the lure, sorry for the annoying music and all. Please note video is NOT made by me 🙂

These jigs or lures are very good when fishing from a boat between bottom and surface. Almost like vertical jigging but without soft baits. The method is effective when fish are not in the bottom.



Second and third from the top are made by local commercial lure makers. Other three are made by “Hämy Lures” and they are made by hobbyist who makes lures as a hobby. Quality is very good.

We will see how these work during summer 2014.


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