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Now that is a nice fish ! Extremely tense feeling when watching this video….happy ending..

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Fishing in Azores

Lagoa do fogo seen from the road

In July 2010 me and my girlfriend visited Azores islands. There was an agreement made that I can spend one whole day fishing. So I decided to visit Lagoa do Fogo which is a volcano lake within the Agua de Pau stratovolcano in the center of the island of São Miguel Island.

The Lagoa de Fogo Lake has been stocked with rainbow trout, carp and goldfish. There were many rainbow trouts jumping in the middle of the lake. Unfortunately too far away.

First thing you need to do is to get fishing a licence from the department of forestry services(?) (Direcção dos Serviços Florestais). The cost of the fishing licence was very unbearable, total amount was 2.05 euros !! 🙂 … for 5 days if aI remember correctly.

The lake itself was very beautiful and nice. There was two other fishermen with inflatable raft on the other side of the lake. Unfortunately they did not catch any fish.

Lagoa do fogo beach

There is a natural beach which is very nice and quiet. It is a quite long walk down and the path is following a steep hill so I think it is a bit difficult walk for average tourists. Not so many people are willing to walk down…

I had a telescope bait casting rod and small Abu spinning reel with me.  Very compact set for travelling.

Also I hade some vibrax spin minnows with me. One type which I had with me was Bete Lotto.

Did I catch any rainbow trouts? No I didn’t. The views were great though…:)

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