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Today I had a chance to test my friends Vision’s 6 piece salmon rods, Vision SIKS #7 / 13’4″ length and Vision SIKS #10 / 15’2″ length. First impression was that both rods are quite soft full-action rods but after some testing I really liked both rods. Currently I have Guideline LPXE #10 / 14′ length four piece rod which is more faster action rod.

First I tested the shorter #7 / 13’4″ length rod which was very light and easy to cast. It should be very handy for light salmon fishing and when casting smaller flies. Maybe not for me after all since I like stronger and heavier rods.

Next I tested the 10# weight 15’2″ length cannon. Rod is very powerful but still not too fast. Like Vision says on their product pages…

Action-wise they are situated somewhere between the highly popular Cult and GT4 Catapult series. With the Cult being more full- and the GT4 Catapult series clearly faster action rods we feel that we have now the Royal flush in our hands when it comes to double hand rods.

I tested the rod with my Guideline DCC connect 10# floating line and it felt a bit too light for the rod. Maybe #11 weight DCC connect would be better. If I remember correctly my DCC connect weight is 40 grams. Vision recommends 34-40g. Definitely this needs more testing.

What I really like about this rod is that it is 6 piece rod. Overall length of the #10 weight rod tube is 83 cm so the rod tube fits into large travel/luggage bag so you don’t have to worry your rod getting smashed during your flights to your favourite fishing destinations.


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Stripping basket is a very handy tool when fly fishing from a boat or even from the shoreline. Last fishing trip was a pain in the ass because my fly line was tangling in various places, boat throttle handle, boat chair, wheel, my own feet, fishing buddy’s neck,  buddy’s feet, whatever….

So I decided to try and make a stripping basket by myself. Of course this is not as good or professional as ready made ones are but I think it will do the job.


– Plastic basket from your local market:  1.95 euros

– Zip ties:  2.5 mm width, 145mm length: few euros

– 3 mm plastic tubing: 5.10 euros

– Bug-Bond: You should already have it 🙂 If not, any elastic glue should do the job.


– Knife

– Scissors or line cutters

First I marked the spots for the spokes with a marker. Then I cut a small hole with a knife for the zip ties.

Put the zip tie through the holes so that the locking end is on the bottom side of the basket

Next add Bug-Bond and push the zip tie all the way. Cure it with the UV light.

Next put all zip ties through the 3 mm plastic tubes and glue them to the basket bottom with a Bug-Bond. Last step is to add some Bug-Bond to the end of the tubings.

Add a wading belt or similar. Finished product.

Total price of the basket is approx. 10 euros. Quite cheap I would say 🙂 I hope it works. It will be tested soon.

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