It has been at least five years since last time I was fishing at Huopanankoski. This time fishing were a bit challenging as water temperature was close to 24 celcius which is too high for trouts. Water level was relatively OK, maybe too low for successful fishing. Maximum capacity for the whole area is 12 fishermen and the rapids were at full capacity on both days we fished there. In my opinion 12 fishermen licence quota is too high for that place.

Althoug against all odds I managed to land two 40 cm trouts. One of them was in a very bad shape due to the heavy fishing pressure on the area as he was hooked many times. Other one was in very good shape and he fought fiercely. I managed to hook four more but they were released prematurely. One of them was a big one, of course.

Few pics….

Picture 003




This fellow was a nice suprise. Usually there are lots of smaller pikes biting the fly when fishing pike on mid-summer here in Finland. Sometimes you get lucky. This was nice approx. 5 kg pike with lots of energy due to warm water (+22 c).






Pictures by Pasi Pekonen

Me and my friend decided to try a bit traditional fishing since it has been a while after the last time we were fishing with long line. Not so many fishermen are using long line nowadays. Most of the fishing is done by sport fishing gear or with nets.

Idea is to use a long line and attach a leader with a hook to it. We are using approx 300 meter long line and 100 hooks/leaders with 3 meter gaps. Long line is stored on a box which as slots for the hooks and leaders.

Naturally the line will be baited. Bait can be a baitfish or a worm if you like. We like to use Alburnus alburnus which is a small Cyprinidae species fish.


Usually we put out the line at the evening and haul it on early morning. Minn Kota Riptide bow mount remote controlled motor is very handy when you are baiting the line and letting it go.

Baiting the line

Baiting the line


Weather was very nice and there was no wind at all.

Evening weather


Next morning we woke up early and went out to the bay to haul the line.


Line is hauled slowly setting it into the line box at the same time.


Some times there is some catch too if you have set your line to a good place! This one was just over the allowed minimum lenght. Few zanders were discarded (let go) as they were too small.





After hauling the line it is essential to pack it properly so it won’t get tangled next time you want to set it.


As a summary it was very nice evening and early morning out on the sea and we managed to get total of 6 fish, five of them zander and one perch. Today’s dinner menu is set!

Fishing season in Finland is slowly starting and finally we have some open water to do some fishing! We have opened the season with Whitefish fishing. Fortunately we got something to show. Pasi got total of four fish during our three hour session. Sizes was from 300 grams to 700 grams.

Whitefish are coming to shoreline to feed with small worms. I have covered this on my earlier post

Whitefish fishing

Whitefish fishing


Some catch

Some catch

Last year we had quite different ice conditions at the Baltic Sea. We were pike fly fishing on 18th of April with success. This year unfortunately it does not look like we will be fishing within couple of weeks as we still have ice. Below picture shows very well where we stand. Hopefully we can start soaking our fishing lines and lures within 2-3 weeks. This winter have been exceptional.

Someone please remove the ice !

Local small boat harbour

Local small boat harbour

Landing a fish is not always so easy. Sometimes it needs some effort 😀

How Fly Rods are made

This is a nice slow paced video about CF Burkheimers rod making process