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The Sarvijaakko

I would like to introduce to you this very well known (at least in Finland) fly pattern called “Sarvijaakko”. Maybe we could call it “The Timberman” in English. Sarvijaakko is Finnish name for this beetle Acanthocinus aedilis and I guess it is “Timberman” in English 🙂

The fly has a lot of influence from Frances fly and it has been modified a lot during years. This olive pattern was developed by Esa Hurri in year 1994.

This fly is a must have for fishers who are fishing in Northern Norway, Finnmark rivers and in Teno and Neiden rivers. Very effecive for smaller salmons 1-5 kg but works well for bigger ones too.

Hook: Whatever you want to use, size 4 – 10, I use doubles usually
Thread: black
Tail: Brown nutria
Butt: Bright red dubbing or silk
Body: Olive dubbing
Hackle: Brown cock hackle
Wing: Brown nutria

Very simple and easy to tie.

I wanted to share this fly pattern so you have the opportunity to try this fy in other rivers too, not just in Finnmark where it works really well 🙂

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