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Last fishing season I used Craft Fur Deceiver flies a lot when I was fishing pike. I got fed up with the casting charasteristics of the CFD flies and I decided to tie brand new flies for upcoming fishing season.

CFD’s are very good flies but the down side of them is that they absorb too much water. When the fly is wet it is very heavy because it is soaked with water. Synthetic fibres such as Body Fibre, Slinky Fibre, Flash N Slinky, etc. are totally different since they don’t soak. It is so much easier to cast big pike fly when it is lighter and it dries after one or two casts.

Today I tied one yellow-orange-red pike fly and here it is.


Hook: Sakuma Manta 540 size 5/0

Wing: Yellow Flash N Slinky, Orange Body Fibre and Red Flash N Slinky

Head: Bug-Bond

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