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Swedish Sergeant

One of my favourite salmon fly nowadays is a fly called Swedish Sergeant. Swedish sergeant is originally developed in Sweden by Robert Weiss. Swedish sergeant is one of six flies in the “Sergeant -series”. I tried to google more information about the Sergeant series and the origins of the fly but unfortunately I did not find much information. It would b very nice to get some information about the Sergeant series…so if you have information about the other sergeant series flies please drop me a message 🙂

The fly is widely used in whole Scandinavia; Norway, Sweden and Finland.  It is said to be very productive fly in northern waters and it is very simple pattern to tie. The fly was very productive on my latest trip to North Norway. I managed to land one 6 kg salmon with it and my friends landed several other salmons too.

Full size image can be found here. Tie by “Someone”, don’t remember who.

Pattern (variant):

Tag: Silver wire

Butt: Yellow silk

Body: Synthetic dubbing in peacock color or peacock herls. Please note that peacock herls are not so durable than dubbing.

Wing: Yellow squirrel tail hair. Only few hairs are needed. Less is more.

Hackle: Soft light blue hackle. Couple or turns only.

As you can see the fly is quite minimalistic. Usually I prefer very little hair on the wings. It seems to be the best approach when tying flies for northern rivers.


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