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Yesterday I started thinking what might be the simplest fly I have used in fly fishing during recent years. Ladies and gentlemen, there it is !

Chenille pupa a.k.a. Caddis Pupa a.k.a. Rhyacophila Pupa

The fly is ridiculously easy is to tie and it is very effective. When other flies are not working and you have a feeling that fish are eating Caddis pupas, then it is time to take this fly to the battle grounds. Specifically when there is a caddis hatching going on.

Pattern is simple:

Hook: size 14, preferably strong wire

Rear body: Ultra chenille, slightly burned on the tip and painted with green permament marker on the top

Thorax: dark brown dubbing, I use hare dubbing but you can use whatever you  have 🙂

Back: Dark brown poly yarn or similar material

Antennas,tentacles,horns: Pheasant tail

After it is finished you need to use your dubbing brush to get those dubbings more fluffy. That’s it! Very easy and takes max. 5mins to complete…

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